Monday, February 28, 2011

S10: More from Top 12 Guys Taping

Based on some Qs I have been asked, here is some added notes from the Boys Top 12 taping on Friday:

A lot of people have asked about Nigel's interaction with the judges and to clarify some comments about him whispering to the them after performances.

Nigel was all over the place. It was the first taping and things were going wrong (hence why it took 4 hours to tape), so he was intervening everywhere. During "commercial breaks" he did often chat with the judges, as well as Ryan, Debbie & the contestants. Only once did Nigel run up to the judges table after a performance, but prior to the judges' comments.

When Brett finished singing, Nigel approached Randy and whispered in his ear and quickly ran off. Obviously, I don't know exactly what was said, but during Randy's critique he says something along the lines of..."Someone counted 14 hair whips from you. Do you do that on purpose?" So the assumption was that Nigel whispered that count in his ear and nothing more.

He did interact with the audience quite often, trying to get people excited about the performance. Not that is was hard...but there was a hesitant on what you are allowed & not allowed to do. Like I said before, Debbie told us NOT to clap during performances but Nigel was often in the back corner clapping above his head, so people joined in.

The band was small...well, I guess the normal size expected during the semi-finals. Though, unless they use the stage, I don't see where they could involve more instruments. There are three back-up singers, one male & two females (mixed races).

The new band leader is Ray Chew. You can follow him on twitter at @RayChewLive. The MC only introduced them at the end, though Jacob gives props to them after his performance, so you should get to see them all.

The girls were sitting on the opposite end of the stage from me, so I didn't get to observe them much. For the most part they were pretty mellow while just sitting around. During the performances they were out of their seats giving the boys their love. Throughout the performances some went missing here & there. Not a lot of attention was made towards them, except a couple times when Ryan reminds everyone the weeks schedule (like after ever commercial break).

I would say for the most part everyone was as comfortable as they could be after performing for 700 people & cameras. Some more than others but there were no real awkward moments during the interactions (no Ryan/Didi or Simon/Ryan moments). Jordan may have been the only uncomfortable moment but he didn't exactly get handed roses after his performance and he was disappointed in himself.

All around they gave some pretty good comments and then some vague ones. Randy disagreed with Jennifer & Steven twice, calling them pitchy. Tim & Jordan were the only ones to get overall negative comments.

To be clear, they told Tim there was nothing wrong with his vocals, but that basically it was the wrong song. And no, he didn't play the piano. Randy commented on how well his vocals were when he played the piano during Hollywood.

Before Jovany repeated his performance for us, he was just hanging on the stage. The girls kept shouting, "Take your shirt off!" So he gave the audience a fake-out striptease.

For some reason...Nigel & Debbie wanted us to do a "laugh" take. No idea why, but I'm sure all they got were cheesy "get me out of here" laughs. I think it has something to do with Steven. I guess we'll find out later.

No, I am not going to the girls taping on Monday. If I could, I would find a way to be there. I am, however, working on trying to get tickets to Thursday's live result show. Though I am not really sure I could handle all the emotions. I decided that if I had gone to last years Top 16 result show (where top 12 was announced) I would have caused a scene at Alex & Katelyn's dismissals. I have no doubt there will be some type of upset on Thursday b/c that is just how America likes to stir things up. :/

I have a number of emails on the waiting list right now, so hopefully, I will be able to attend a good number of shows this year. I'll let you know when I do. I will be at the finale (where there is a will, there is a way, and I will find a way).

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