Tuesday, April 26, 2011

S10: Top 7 Result Show

First off, can we discuss why Section X has not been "X'd" from the set? I just can't with it. Not only are you forced to stare at the judges the whole time, you have to watch the show from a video screen. A video screen! If I wanted to do that, I would watch it from home in HD with audio, that I could actually hear, while in my PJs all cozy on the couch. The view is awful & the sound almost inaudible for most of the show. More than half of the section just remains on their feet the entire show so they can at least see partial bodies instead of bobbing heads.

Needless to say, I was in Section X tonight. The far back corner, stage right. Yes, so far back in the corner, me & the plastic wall got a little frisky. I even have a Section X battle wound on my arm.

Interesting stats from tonight's show. We were 90-92 in line, some friends (who had to step out of the line until their full party was present) were 130-133. My group was in the second section of people to get tickets (all section X). My friends were standby...so essentially, they got some pretty awesome seats. A lady who was #173, did not get in.

So basically, out of the 700 seats in the studio, maybe 150 of them are for "non-special" people. By "non-special" people I mean they are NOT famous or a past idol, part of a school group, press, or friends & family of anyone related to CBS, FOX, 19, Interscope or American Idol.

Just an interesting thought considering the waiting list is a year long.

The show kind of started out of nowhere. Corey came out for five minutes and suddenly, the video reel started for the super overly dramatic intro. Cue the judges, Ryan and the contestants. What did the judges say? I have no clue, couldn't hear a blessed thing. But I am sure it went along the lines of, "They are beautiful. It was beautiful. Life is beautiful."

Why? Why, oh, why must you torture us with THIS song! I'd rather hear a second rendition of "So What" by the S10 booties! Ok...maybe not, that was just tragic. From my seat, it didn't sound horrible but that does not say much. [watching it back on TV, I'd say those girls ran marathons around those boys]. But can we retire this song forever now? Please?

Oh, and Haley's outfit. Was she taking fashion tips from Jennifer Nettles of Sugerland? Spring came and left its mark. Though, I admit, I much prefer Haley's interpretation of spring, and she worked it as always. Oh, and those heels!

Cue Ford Video...nap time!

I could barely hear the vocals for this...but the girls in the section by Scotty were freaking out. I should just mention now that Scotty wins hands down for most fans in the audience...every time. There is never a question about it. The ladies L.O.V.E. him.

Did this seem like more of a "production" that the first group's song? Maybe it was just me, but the lights and such...I dunno. I'm always suspicious these days. Always looking out for the producers' manipulation tools. Got to say, not as evident tonight..or was it? More on that down below.

Corey, the MC, spent the evening passing out signed merch to overly enthusiastic fans. I mean..OVERLY enthusiastic fans. Yes, I am talking to you cougars decked out in sparkles. Uh huh.

Lauren gave away a shirt to a little girl in the back. Of course, another little girl thought she was the winner of the shirt and followed her down to the stage. To make up for it, Corey got Lauren to come back later & sign a shirt for her, too.

The "Hey, Hey Haley!" guy got a signed water bottle & an awkward wave from Haley. Some uber excited Stefano fan got a signed notebook thrown at him. Scotty got to hand out a water bottle to this girl who continuously thru the night could not hold her sign correctly. I think she wins for most exuberant fan in the audience. If her excitement were tears, she'd be the next "crying girl."

Another lucky Scotty fan got to come on stage and get a hug from him. Her sign said something about a hug from Scotty would make her day, and Corey made some joke about security would have to do their job? Whatever. Scotty jumped out of his seat to hug her, and she was like a little kitten almost scared to get to close.

Lastly, all the remaining idols signed a book bag to be handed out to the most animated fan during the night. It was given to a young girl in a wheelchair who, though she had an ideal seat, had to stare at the screen behind her when everyone stood...which is most of the night. Not a very thought out handicap section, Idol.

Corey completely ignored the balcony. :( It was like we didn't exist. Rejected, as always. Actually, I felt like the whole balcony was non-existant for the entire show. Lights were always dim, few of the idols actually took notice, no acknowledgement from Corey or Ryan. No love for the audience rejects.

Sitting in the nose bleeds, one of my favorite past times (since I can't see the stage most of the time) is watching the teleprompter and the 'time till commercial' countdown. The lyrics to the songs are always displayed. Very helpful when you want to sing-a-long! And then knowing what Ryan will say before he says or what the topic will be before discussed...I know, so exciting!

But they spoil all the fun when it comes to results and it says "begin reading from cards." Boo.

David came out while the crew was setting up the stage. He chatted with Debbie (stage manager) for a moment then spun around to say hi to the audience. I suppose there have been a "few" minor changes since his days on the idol stage. :)

Cook sang his new single, "The Last Goodbye." And just in case he needed any lyric help, the words were streamed on the monitor for him. Though, I really think they were there just so Section X could sing along. To which, I did, but I also spent the first 45 minutes of my drive up to LA playing back the song over & over again to learn the lyrics.

Casey seemed to really enjoy Cook's performance. He was grooving right along. All the idols were on their feet for the whole song. Unlike the judges who always seem to just remain seated during & after stellar performances (oh no, I have not forgotten the failed respect to the Idol Queen, Kelly Clarkson).

Cook threw out his pic and Casey Abram's mom caught it. Her face was like this --> :O and then she began to flail. No joke. She was like a cougar at a rock concert, and I would totally go to a concert with her! No doubt she is a DC fan. Even hugged her friend next to her and showed off her new pic.

Following the performance & the little chit chat with Ryan, Steven Tyler was the first to skyrocket out of his seat to greet Cook & shake his hand. Randy followed, while Jennifer remained seated. Nigel also jumped up on stage to see Cook and escort him over to Jennifer who was busy chatting with some fans behind her. She was surprised to see David standing there when she turned around.

A few other crew members went to say hi before David took a seat in Simon's former chair, now belonging to Randy. He enjoyed it very much, while giving a very sophisticated pose for the camera with his chin on hand grinning. He then waited while Jennifer got touched up before taking a photo.

With a minute remaining, he jumped back on stage and went straight to Jacob, offering him some quick words. Then rushed over to the couch to shake hands with the other six, and Lauren even got a hug. One last quick goodbye to the audience, and he was off stage and the show was back.

Well, if you didn't know, Katy Perry's performance was pre-taped after last week's performance show. The funny thing, only a small handful of people in the studio audience had any idea (me!). Every time they mentioned her performing, people would flip out. They never once told them they would be watching a video.

I don't know why people were not cued in when there was no setup during commercial break (it's Katy Perry folks...it will be a production), and the stools were left on stage (though Jacob & Stefano did join Debbie backstage).

After the commercial break, when Ryan announced Katy Perry, everyone jumps up and starts screaming and just stared at the empty stage. Once the doors opened & she 'walks out'...the audience's applause slows almost to an unconscious clap. The level went from a 10 to a 3. They were seeing her enter the stage from the screen, but not actually ON the stage. People in the balcony (section X) were eve more confused because they can't even see that part of of the stage.

It was just awkward. Some people remained standing. Why I have no idea? Maybe they thought she would magically appear on stage? A few clapped along. Others, they sat there in disappointment, or relief <-- me.

I'm not going to lie, I cheered quietly when both Stefano & Jacob were sent to the B3. I must be 'Heartless,' I guess. They both have lasted longer than I expected, or would have desired them to last. Haley has outlasted her expected stay, as well, but...that's because I thought America didn't get her. Thank goodness she is pulling through each week (Haley Reinhart FTW!)

Speaking of Haley. The great debate of S10 (or so it seems): Was Haley B3?

Ryan never said she was B3 or announced all three of them as the B3. He did say there was 'one seat left in the B3' and then sent Haley 'over to the stools.' Honestly, when he called Scotty & Haley down, I thought maybe Scotty had a good chance at being B3 after his performance the night prior. So, I wonder. Hmm....Idol manipulation?

I actually had thought Casey had a slim chance of being B3 instead of Haley. Though you have to admit, Haley's adventures to the stools are always quite entertaining. I wasn't paying too much attention to reactions during her short lived time at the stools, I was to excited to see her survive!

No doubt Stefano knew it was his time. I mean...the kid has been connected to three of the most tragic idol eliminations this season: Casey, Pia, and Paul (okay, Paul was tragic for me). Needless to say, he took it like a man. I mean, besides James tackling him...

Okay, can we talk about Durbano/Durfano? Is that what people are calling them? James' head immediately went down when Stefano was eliminated. Even Lauren tried to console him but he wouldn't have it. Ryan actually motioned him off the couches in preparation to go hug (I mean, tackle) Stefano.

After all the hugging, and Randy's attempt to console James (who was the one leaving tonight?), the idols departed from the stage...except Stefano. He ran down to give his dad a big hug, and then gave one final goodbye moment on stage....

Stefano morphed into Rocky & edged on the crowd as they cheered for him. He was prancing around the stage with his hands in a victory stance. You'd think he just won the show, not been eliminated. He went out proud, he went out in style. Good for him!

And that was that....another idol show for the record books.

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  1. Another absolutely brilliant bit of writing and a truly valuable insight into the show (and occasionally literally behind the scenes!) for people like me here in England who only get to see the show a day later and, by the sound of it, heavily edited.
    My efforts at http://t1grx.blogspot.com don't stand much comparison and I shall have to quote from your blog from time to time to help my summaries along! It is good to read someone that I totally agree with, though. Thanks and keep it going!
    BTW, we don't have a clue about Corey over here. I must pay more attention!